Zeroflo Two is an additive to improve diesel and gas oil cold flow characteristics and depress the formation of wax crystals which form at low temperatures.

Fuel will vary in response to wax crystal modifiers on a fuel-to-fuel basis. Winter diesel and gas oil should flow down to -15°C. The addition of Zeroflo Two at the recommended treatment rate should improve summer fuel from  -5°C to -18°C and winter fuel from -15°C to -26°C.

To be used at 1 part additive per 1000 parts of diesel fuel (1L treats 1000L fuel). For optimum results, the correct amount must be placed in the tank prior to fuel delivery for proper mixing. Additions must be made before the onset of wax crystal formation as Zeroflo Two cannot reverse this action.




User Benefits:

  • Depression of fuel CFPP (Cold Filter Plugging Point)
  • Easy to use
  • Addition to fuel prior to onset of cold weather


Zeroflo Two should preferably be stored above freezing point, however, it will re-constitute on warming if gelling occurs.

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