Why Choose Millers Oils For Your Injection Moulding Machine

Injection molding machine

Why you should choose Millers Oils for your injection moulding machine; quality, cleanliness, ease, and support.

Quality product, direct from the blender

Millers Oils has been an independent blender of oils and lubricants since 1887. We source our raw materials, create our own formulations, and blend our own products. Each batch of oil is quality checked in our laboratory, before being packed and delivered to our customers. We’re also ISO 9001 certified. This gives us maximum control and traceability of the supply chain, and gives our customers peace of mind.

Cleanliness guaranteed

Before oil is delivered to our customer, it is pre-filtered at a designated filtration station at our manufacturing site, using a specialised heating jacket that improves filtration efficacy – reducing the time required on our customer’s site and minimising disruption.

Following delivery to the customer we then filter our oil again as it is being filled into the injection moulding machine, using our portable filtration equipment with integrated particle counter to achieve the OEM recommended ISO cleanliness code or better. On completion, the ISO cleanliness code is recorded and e-mailed to the customer.

An 80ml sample of the oil is returned to Millers Oils for a more sensitive, final laboratory analysis, and the full report is e-mailed to the customer to provide complete assurance of cleanliness.

Hassle-free service

Our fluid management technicians are experienced professionals. Before the fill, we send all relevant paperwork including liability insurance, risk assessments and method statements for full audit compliance. On site we adhere to site specific regulations and complete any inductions and paperwork.

We work autonomously to ensure minimum disruption to our customers’ operations – our vehicles have custom-built platform lifts to avoid the need for fork lifts when unloading product, and we even bring our own tailor-made power adaptor box to ensure all our electrical equipment can be used safely.

Continued support

Millers Oils ensures you are supported beyond the initial oil fill and throughout the full lifecycle of our product.

Our team of customer service representatives are on hand for prompt responses to general enquiries, whilst our trained engineers on the tech help desk can be called upon for any trouble-shooting or product recommendations.

Oil analysis services are available through our team of chemists in the lab, who can advise on the condition of your oil for preventative maintenance scheduling. Any remedial filtration work can be carried out by our fluid management technicians, and when it’s time for an oil change we also offer clean out services to remove lacquer, varnish and sludge build up before a service fill.

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To book your initial oil fill, clean out, service fill or oil sample analysis call us today on 01484 713201 or e-mail fluid.management@millersoils.co.uk