Which Automotive Engine Oil Should You Choose?

Image of three bottle of Millers Oils engine oil in front of a red image of a car.

Deciding which of our ranges to use in your vehicle can be a task within itself. Marketing sat down with Technical to delve deeper in to each of the ranges, to help you know the difference and help with making the decision.

This blog explores Millers Oils automotive engine oil ranges: Trident Professional, XF Premium and EE Performance, offering insights into their unique features, benefits, and suitability for various automotive needs. The easy guide to finding the perfect fit for your vehicle.

WhichOil? Oil Checker Tool

Your first point of call should be Millers Oils WhichOil? Tool which can be found on our website. Find out which oils are suitable by either entering a registration plate or selecting from the drop down menu. The latest version of ‘WhichOil?’ is the most comprehensive version that we have ever published. It lists more options for better flexibility, but across the Millers Oils automotive ranges, products from all three could potentially be suitable for your vehicle. Making the perfect choice comes down to understanding vehicle usage and specific requirements. If you are ever in doubt, speak with our Technical Support Team who are always happy to help.

Trident Professional

Trident Professional is Millers Oils bespoke range of multi-application engine oils providing significant vehicle parc coverage. Ideal for the modern day, high volume garage handling a wide range of vehicles on a daily basis.

Guaranteeing your customer receives the correct oil for their vehicle can result in the professional garage owner or mechanic having to select from a daunting array of products. On top of the worry of having cash tied up in extensive stock and the fear of misapplication, stocking and selecting oil can become extremely frustrating. Developed for the trade, Trident Professional is the versatile choice, meeting the requirements of both manufacturers and industry bodies over a range of viscosities and is formulated for use in hybrid, petrol or diesel engines.

XF Premium

XF Premium is Millers Oils range of fully synthetic engine oils with coverage of the latest applications and specifications for the modern passenger car market, providing unrivalled vehicle parc coverage. XF Premium has the widest range of products and contains the most up to date specifications, utilising the latest technologies. Millers Oils works closely with OEMs and aims to consistently meet and surpass their standards and specifications.

The XF Premium range utilises Dynamic Fluid Technology (DFT), a unique, superior lubrication technology developed and blended by Millers Oils. DFT uses the very latest and best additive technologies, which act synergistically to maximise protection, enhance performance and minimise engine wear. XF Premium is the go-to for newer ‘In Warranty’ vehicles and is considered our most popular engine oil range, particularly for independent specialists and manufacturer workshops.

EE Performance

Millers Oils EE Performance is the “track day ready”, fully synthetic high performance engine oil for on-road use. Using the award-winning low friction NANODRIVE technology and ester chemistry, EE Performance delivers maximum engine performance whilst exceeding manufacturers’ specifications and recommended oil drain intervals.

By utilising the latest additive technology and optimising levels of NANODRIVE, the EE Performance engine oil range reduces friction by up to 24% when compared to industry standard formulations, without compromise on wear protection. EE Performance is the most premium automotive range produced by Millers Oils, not just suitable for ‘performance’ vehicles, but perfect for your cherished vehicle and anyone seeking improved fuel economy, reduced emissions, enhanced performance, and substantial wear protection.

The choice between Trident Professional, XF Premium, and EE Performance depends largely on your specific needs and requirements. When making your selection, consider factors such as your vehicle type, usage, and specific performance needs.

Trident Professional is ideal for those looking for a reliable, multi-application oil; the practical choice for high-volume garages dealing with a diverse range of vehicles.

XF Premium is perfect for modern passenger cars, meeting OEM specifications and using the latest additive technologies. It is the go-to choice for independent specialist workshops.

EE Performance is designed for high-performance engines and utilises NANODRIVE technology and ester chemistry, making it an excellent choice for track days or anyone looking for fuel economy benefits.

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