Want to Pass your MOT Emissions Test?

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The focus on emissions-related issues has become more important than ever. Since the implementation of Euro 6 legislation for MOT tests, vehicles face an increased risk of failing due to stricter emissions standards, and failure to pass a roadside emissions test can result in fines or prosecution. Vehicle owners are now seeking something extra to ensure compliance with the law.

That’s where the Millers Oils Emissions Performance Programme (EPP) comes in. This blog explores the impact of stricter regulations, and introduces the Millers Oils EPP as a professional solution to enhance vehicle servicing and facilitate a pass on MOT emissions tests.


Fuel Injectors

Over time fuel injectors can become blocked or clogged, which can affect the spray pattern, meaning that they won’t be delivering fuel as they should. This interferes with fuel combustion and results in a build-up of carbon deposits, which makes it harder for the engine to run smoothly, causing it to not run efficiently.

Blocked After Treatment Systems: DPF/ PPFs

Petrol/ Diesel Particulate Filters (PPF/DPFs) play a vital role in reducing emissions by trapping soot in exhaust gas. Short journeys and stop-start driving prevent engines from reaching their optimal temperature, leading to improper filter regeneration. This leads to blockages caused by particulate matter, inefficient fuel combustion and moisture from the air condensing in the engine. As a result, drivers face increased emissions, reduced engine power, and contamination which can cause component failure and breakdowns. In some cases, the warning light will come on, indicating that immediate action is required.

Additional Problem for Diesel Cars

Restricted Sulphur

Drivers of diesel cars have been impacted significantly by MOT emissions changes, with importance placed on the health of diesel engines. Current emissions legislation has restricted sulphur levels in diesel to 10 ppm, resulting in reduced fuel lubricity, viscosity, and altering the overall composition of the fuel. As a consequence, the fuel system and engine’s protection are compromised. The reduced lubricity leads to adhesive wear in pumps, causing internal components to stick and accelerating their wear.

Introducing the EPP

To address these challenges, Millers Oils created the EPP: A professional range of high-quality treatments providing garages with a solution to improve the overall performance of vehicles. EPP products are effective across various vehicle types, ages, and mileages, and are designed to:

  • Lower emissions
  • Reduce repair bills
  • Improve fuel economy
  • Restore power

Most importantly, the EPP enables garages to promise customers a pass on the MOT emissions test with the EPP promise. This ensures that customers won’t face the inconvenience of having their cars stuck in the garage awaiting modifications before passing their MOT. For garages aiming to surpass customer expectations in caring for the components of their car and meeting stricter emission regulations, the EPP is the perfect solution.

Benefits for Garages

Increased Customer Satisfaction

After experiencing the transformative effects of EPP treatments when they drive, vehicle owners are more likely to recommend your garage, ultimately driving more business your way.

Increased Customer Retention

After seeing noticeable improvements in vehicle performance, your garage will be the go-to choice for customers seeking exceptional service.

Increased Profit

The added value of the EPP boosts your profitability. Plus, the end-user treatments are specifically formulated to maintain customers’ vehicles between service intervals, creating additional revenue opportunities.

The EPP Promise

As part of the EPP promise, if a vehicle doesn’t pass the MOT emissions test when using the correct EPP product, Millers Oils will provide a replacement, equivalent EPP product. This enables you to replenish the stock used in failed emissions tests and pass that benefit on to your customer. Providing peace of mind to vehicle owners that they are compliant with emissions standards and instilling confidence in your services.

*Terms and conditions apply to the EPP promise.


The Millers Oils Emissions Performance Programme is a valuable solution for garages seeking to overcome the challenges posed by stricter emissions standards. By incorporating the Emissions Performance Programme into your service offerings, you can improve customer satisfaction, increase retention rates, and increase profitability. Millers Oils also provides support materials to give your garage an extra edge, ensuring you have the necessary resources to demonstrate your commitment to the environment and your customers.

Read more about the EPP here.

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