The Importance Of Oil Sampling For Preventative Maintenance

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The importance of oil sampling for preventative maintenance

As an oil blender, Millers Oils formulates blends and supplies products for many different applications across all sectors. Each batch of oil is QC tested to ensure it meets or exceeds requirements, allowing us to guarantee our oil is the high quality needed to support and enhance our customers’ processes.

However, it’s important to not just understand the benefits of the fresh oil, but also to understand how it interacts with the machinery it lubricates, and what the oil looks like days, weeks, months and even years down the line.

In many industrial applications, oil sumps are often filled then left to run throughout the year without an oil change. Components like bearings, gears, actuators, and valves can start to stick or wear, without the maintenance department knowing.

If the oil isn’t sampled regularly, it’s impossible to know whether everything is running smoothly, or if a machine is on the verge of a costly breakdown. Taking oil samples regularly for analysis keeps the maintenance department informed of the machine’s condition, and maintenance can be planned around operations, saving both time and money.

A good oil sample report should include analysis of the following:

Viscosity Viscosity is crucial for optimum lubrication, and can change due to contamination or oxidation.
Additive level Additives such as anti-wear, anti-corrosion etc. become depleted over time as they fulfil their purpose in the oil.
Contamination Oil can become contaminated by environmental factors such as water, dust and debris, as well as by other oils.
Wear metals Wear metals in the oil offer an insight into not just the health of the oil but the health of the machine components. High levels of a certain metal can indicate that a particular component may need replacing soon.

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