The core principle of setting up a Millers Oils Fluid Management Programme

Millers Oils Fluid Management Van

The core principle of setting up a Millers Oils Fluid Management Programme is to assist companies with preventative maintenance. Over 80% of damaged hydraulic components can be attributed to contamination within the hydraulic oil. This is why oil sampling is a critical tool to help protect capital equipment.

This also makes the cost of a proactive fluid management programme minimal compared to the costs of replacement hydraulic components. More importantly, it will help reduce the loss of production time due to unscheduled maintenance downtime. Reducing the costs of lost production and replacement of damaged components are the main aims of a Millers Oils Fluid Management Program.

Initial oil fills/service fills

We work with Injection, Blow / Compression moulding, and Compactor OEM’s supplying and filling high-quality Hydraulic Oil. Also partnered with a Turbine OEM on high volume Turbine tanks.

Oil Sampling

An agreed oil sampling schedule can keep our customer’s maintenance departments informed of their machine’s oil condition with the report of the oil analysis results. If any remedial work is needed we work with production teams to limit any potential disruption. Our oil reports include analysis of viscosity, additive level, contamination, wear metals and particular counts, a poor reading on each of these can have consequences on your machinery which may cause unplanned downtime.


Our filtration rigs are portable so they can fit in hard-to-reach machines within a factory. Our technicians have the capability to monitor and ensure the OEM cleanliness specifications are achieved or surpassed. These results are confirmed by lab analysis post filtration.


Our fluid management technicians are experienced professionals. Before the clean out, we send all relevant paperwork including liability insurance, risk assessments and method statements for full audit compliance. On site we adhere to site specific regulations and complete any inductions and paperwork, on job completion, the workplace is left clean and tidy, all oil waste, pads/rags will be removed from the site, all waste oil documentation will be provided and all permits signed off.


Millers Oils continue to work with our equipment supplier partners to ensure our fluid management technicians have the best equipment available, we have oil filtration rigs that can filter oil from 10 litres per minute up to 114 litres per minute. We also have rigs that have the capability to filter out water contamination from within the system.

Millers Oils Accreditations

ISO 9000-1

ISO 1400-1

We have already helped a large number of businesses in reduce unscheduled downtime through a dedicated Millers Oils Fluid Management program helping our customers keep their capital equipment running more efficiently and reliably. Below we have a customer’s testimonial whose injection moulding machines were having regular oil-related issues:

“Before partnering with Millers Oils we were having regular issues with our injection moulding machines, resulting in a high level of unplanned downtime, expensive repairs, and frequent disruption to our production schedule.

Six years ago Millers Oils cleaned and refilled our machines, and implemented a fluid management programme of regular oil sampling with filtration work when needed. The savings we’ve made in reducing maintenance downtime and repair costs eclipse the original outlay – and we’ve not yet needed an oil change! I would highly recommend Millers Oils products and services.”

ASD Lighting
Bob Milnes, Mouldshop Manager.