Sime Racing’s Success Story with Millers Oils

Barry Sime, wearing his blue race suit, crouched next to his blue mini.


Sime Racing, established in 2000 by Jimmy and Barry Sime, boasts a rich history in motorsport. With decades of experience between them, the father-son duo has competed in various cars and disciplines. Their journey spans from Jimmy’s racing debut in the late ’60s to Barry’s rise through karting ranks in the ’90s. Their 1964 Morris Mini Cooper S has been in the Sime family since 1966. However, it remained unused from 1971, except for a brief outing at a Hillclimb at Strathclyde Park in 1983.

In 2013, the Sime Racing team started a full restoration to FIA K specification. Completed in early 2016, this endeavour marked Barry and Jimmy’s return to competitive racing in the same beloved car.


In 2013, Sime Racing began the ambitious task of a full restoration of their cherished 1964 Morris Mini Cooper S to FIA K specification, after years of it being off the road. Completed in early 2016, this endeavour marked Barry and Jimmy’s return to competitive racing in the same beloved car. They sought specialist oils, paramount for component longevity and performance.


Sime Racing turned to Millers Oils for their lubrication needs, opting for the Motorsport CTV Mini 20w50. This choice driven by the unique demands of their Mini’s engine, whereby the engine and gearbox share the same oil. Millers Oils’ advanced lubrication technology promised to exceed the arduous demands placed on the car, providing the performance benefits necessary for competitive racing.


Racing demands incremental gains, and every fraction of a second counts. Since adopting Millers Oils, the overall package has seen consistent improvement, resulting in faster performance and yielding remarkable results for Sime Racing. Notably, in 2016, they surpassed expectations with podium finishes in every event entered, culminating in Barry clinching the 2016 HSCC K3 Class Championship overall. Recent wins include, a double victory at Croft circuit in 2023, since Sime Racing’s partnership with Millers Oils, and success in the 2022 Classic Touring Car Championship, securing multiple podiums, victories, and the class C Championship.

The Impact of Millers Oils

In an era where engine and oil technology have evolved, Millers Oils’ advanced lubrication technology has proven invaluable. Despite the demanding nature of racing, Sime Racing have observed minimal wear on major components, a testament to Millers Oils motorsport expertise in enhancing engine performance and longevity, as well as, the oil analysis service which has proven to be a  crucial part of their maintenance schedule.

The Mini Cooper’s race-tuned A series engine which demands frequent checks and rebuilds, has benefited significantly from the superior condition afforded by Millers Oils. Notably, Sime Racing’s engine builder remarked on the superior condition of internals compared to engines using alternative oils.


Trust, reliability, and performance are the winning formula for Sime Racing’s success. Powered by the partnership, they enthusiastically recommend Millers Oils technical expertise and proactive approach. The added value of oil analysis, which aids in early issue detection, ensures optimal performance and reliability for their Mini, so Sime Racing can continue to dominate the racing circuit, pushing the limits of what is possible in classic motorsport.

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