RS Off-Road: Racing to Victory!

Image of RS off-road land rover


RS Off-Road is a father-son race team specialising in off-road competitions, boasting an impressive winning record in various events. The inception of RS Off-Road traces back to a pivotal moment at Sweetlamb Rally Complex in Wales, where as a young enthusiast, Reece was captivated by the adrenaline rush of off-road racing. He was invited for a lap in a Land Rover Discovery at the Cross-Country rally that his Dad was co-driving in, before being asked to cover as a navigator in a Freelander. It was at this moment Reece found himself propelled into the world of motorsport.

In 2020, RS Off-Road meticulously prepared their first Freelander, ready for the 2021 season, and although their one aim was ‘to have fun at every moment whilst making memories as a father & son team’, by the end of their debut year, they’d achieved something they wouldn’t have dreamed of 2 years prior – becoming British XC Class 14 title winners! With a passion for achieving great things with a smile on their faces, RS Off-Road consistently seek innovative solutions and reliable partners to ensure consistency and optimal performance.


During racing, RS Off-Road faced several challenges typical of off-road, including engine strain, high-revving demands, and prolonged exposure to harsh terrains. Their standard engine oil was not suitable for these conditions and competing with a 2003 engine with over 70,000 miles on the clock, they sought knowledge and experience. Ensuring the reliability and longevity of their engines amidst these challenges was crucial to success.


Collaborating with Millers Oils, RS Off-Road adopted the CFS 5w40 NT+ Motorsport engine oil, recommended by the experienced technical support team at Millers Oils. Coupled with advice about lubricant protection and how to properly look after their engine, this strategic choice proved instrumental in overcoming the challenges posed by off-road racing. Regular oil changes and continuous support from Millers Oils ensured optimal engine health and performance throughout the season.


The partnership between RS Off-Road and Millers Oils yielded remarkable results. Throughout the gruelling off-road competitions, spanning over 400 miles across eight events, RS Off-Road’s 1800cc K-Series engine powered through. They experiences no issues with the engine itself or any of its auxiliary components. Their championship title, Hill Rally title, and five victories underscored the reliability of the CFS 5w40 NT+ oil in maintaining peak performance and reliability.

Performance Gains

RS Off-Road noted significant performance gains upon switching from a standard Millers Oils automotive engine oil to Motorsport CFS NT+. Cleaner oil, smoother engine operation, and a significant reduction in component damage were among the benefits observed. The engine’s responsiveness and overall health were visibly enhanced with no major repairs to anything in the engine, even when under immense strain from long off-road stages. Millers Oils lubricants recommendations and support instils confidence in the team to push the limits of their vehicles.


Impressed by the tangible benefits of Millers Oils competition lubricants, RS Off-Road wholeheartedly recommends fellow motorsport enthusiasts to switch to Millers Oils competition lubricants. The combination of superior products and unparalleled support from the Millers Oils team behind the scenes, is a winning formula for success in demanding and extreme off-roading environments, with an engine that is very high-revving.

Ongoing Support

RS Off-Road expresses gratitude for the support and expertise provided by the Millers Oils team who they have loved working with from start to finish. The seamless collaboration has optimised engine maintenance and servicing practices, contributing to their numerous achievements. Looking ahead, RS Off-Road eagerly anticipates another successful season in their Land Rover Freelander and Discovery XC-Rally cars, powered exclusively by Millers Oils products.

As they embark on a new chapter in 2024 this partnership promises to push the boundaries of off-road motorsport. With the purchase of a Rally-spec 3.9 V8 Discovery, RS Off-Road sets their sights on conquering the Hill Rally Championship, fuelled by the unwavering support of Millers Oils.

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