Putting Your Vehicle to Bed

Red car in garage

With the colder months just around the corner, we wanted to share some tips and tricks with you when laying up your vintage or classic vehicle for winter, whether it be a car, motorcycle or anything else for that matter.

1. Check your oil

During winter storage, our engine will still be at work protecting parts against corrosion which can occur with non-use. The engine oil also copes with oxidation and degradation through fuel dilution during the winter downtime. We would recommend an oil change, or at least an oil sample to check the condition before lay-up, in order to maximise engine component protection over winter.

For extended storage periods, we would recommend Millers Oils Classic Preservation Oil 20w50 as an ideal engine oil to use for lay-up. With vapour inhibition additive, by the time you’re ready to use your vehicle next year, you’ll have a corrosion-free engine filled with fresh oil for the new season.

2. Fill her up

A full tank of fuel will limit any condensation forming in the fuel system and help to avoid potential corrosion. Don’t forget to use Tank Safe (which can be used in both petrol and diesel engines) for additional corrosion protection through vapour phase inhibition, and to improve carburettor cleanliness.

For vintage and classic vehicles, we would also recommend adding VSPe Power Plus to your fuel. Modern fuels like E5 and E10 are an emulsion and therefore protection is required against the threat of corrosion. This product will protect against adverse effects of ethanol as well as adding lead replacement, octane enhancement and a light detergent for the fuel system.

For modern classics, compatibility with ethanol-based fuels can be achieved with the use of our Ethanol Protection System to add to your fuel.

3. Protect against corrosion

For non-painted areas including the underneath of the vehicle and suspension components, use a multi-purpose lubricant such as Dewatering Fluid 1782 for light corrosion protection, or for more robust and long-lasting protection, use PW11 Wax Film to underseal the vehicle.

4. Clean and polish

Give your car or motorcycle some final TLC at the end of the season. We recommend a wash using your favourite wash and wax car shampoo to make sure the paint is in tip-top condition before storage.

5. Storage

The best place to store your vehicle over winter is a heated garage and left on trickle charge. If you don’t have access to a garage, then try to ensure it’s as protected from the elements as possible and disconnect your battery so you’re able to start up again in spring. Also, make sure you check the condition of your tyres and slightly overinflate them to avoid any sidewall damage.

We hope these tips help when laying up your vehicle.

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