Protected by Millers Oils is the comprehensive programme helping fleet operators overcome some of their biggest challenges such as:

  • complex oil inventories & product misapplication
  • vehicle breakdowns
  • resale values

Protected by Millers Oils enables you to protect your assets, protect your colleagues and protect your profits.

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How does it work?

Protected by Millers Oils encompasses quality products, in house oil analysis and continuous service and support to:


  • Recommend the best products for your fleet
  • Provide a comprehensive range of engine oil, transmission oil, coolants, treatments & hydraulic oil
  •  Formulate products to the latest API and ACEA specifications with some holding OEM approvals.
  • Check the viscosity and additive levels of your oil
  • Analyse contamination or wear metals
  • Advise on when it is time for an oil change
  • Help avoid expensive breakdowns and costs
  • Protect and enhance residual value

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