☀️ The sun is shining and your Vintage and Classic vehicles are out! ☀️

Are you using more than one fuel treatment to look after your beloved vehicle?

Here’s a reminder about the benefits of VSPe Power Plus, our all-in-one petrol fuel treatment in our Vintage and Classic range.

Did you know Ethanol in unleaded fuel can seriously harm your Vintage and Classic vehicles?

The unleaded fuel in your fuel tank contains Ethanol, which is very corrosive and can cause serious damage to your vehicles. A standard E10 petrol pump contains up to 10% ethanol. To read more about Ethanol in unleaded fuel, we have done a more in-depth blog here: E10 fuel vs E5 – Is E10 the right fuel for you?

So, what’s the solution?

Our VSPe Power Plus is an all-in-one petrol fuel treatment. It combats the adverse effects of Ethanol in E5 & E10 fuel and also importantly includes a lead replacement feature preventing valve seat recession when used with unhardened valve seats.

It provides an octane boost up to 2 octane numbers, prevents detonation, hot spots & over run and also contains a detergent that helps to keep the fuel system clean.

This product is specifically for Vintage, Classic and Classic Sport engines, providing the right technology and protection to look after your older vehicle.

VSPe Power Plus also:

  • Cleans injectors
  • Includes carburettor anti-icing formula
  • Contains anti-oxidant to improve fuel life


VSPe Power Plus comes in a one-shot or multi-shot size.

One-shot (code 7916): VSPe Power Plus – One-Shot – Millers Oils

We recommend One-shot when doing approx. 200 miles per year.

One 250ml bottle treats : 50 Litres (1 x 50L tank) of unleaded fuel.

1ml/0.2 Litres of unleaded fuel.

Multi-shot (code 7917): VSPe Power Plus – Multi-shot – Millers Oils

We recommend Multi-shot when doing approx. 2,000 miles per year.

One 500ml bottle treats: 500 Litres (10 x 50L tanks) of unleaded fuel.

1ml/1 Litre of unleaded fuel.

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