XT Bearing Compound

High temperature graphite lubricating paste for applications up to 600°C.

Features and Benefits

• High temperature performance ensures protection against wear at up to 600°C for extended bearing life and reduced relubrication intervals
• Fine particle dispersion technology allows smooth transition to high temperature dry film lubrication, eliminating bearing seizure and down-time caused by degradation deposits of traditional greases
• Economical usage: only a thin film of product is required for effective lubrication, helping to reduce lubricant spend

Product Information

XT Bearing Compound is a grease-like lubricating paste designed for very high temperature industrial applications. Unlike traditional greases which degrade at high temperature, XT Bearing Compound is a fine particle dispersion of graphite in synthetic oil that protects against wear at temperatures up to 600°C without forming degradation deposits.

Ideal for use on plain and rolling bearings with operating temperatures up to 600°C, e.g. kilns, furnaces and drying tunnels. Also suitable for dusty environments as the high temperature dry film lubricant will not attract dust.


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