Truckmaster LD 10w40

Semi-synthetic, heavy duty engine oil

Features and Benefits

• The high performance combination of synthetic base fluids, special base oils, viscosity index improvers and a highly effective additive chemistry package providing maximum soot dispersion results in a diesel engine oil of outstanding performance.
• Introduced as the successor to the highly successful Truckmaster XHFE, Truckmaster LD ensures high levels of mechanical reliability, engine longevity, extended drain periods, low oil top-up with optimal fuel economy.
• Complying with the latest ACEA E7 specifications, Truckmaster LD 10w40 is not only ideal for Euro 1 and Euro 2 engines but also approved for use where the E7 specification is required for some Euro IV and Euro V emission controlled engines.
• The result of the combination of high quality raw materials and high performance specification compliance is an oil endorsed by OEMs together with outstanding performance competence in service.

Product Information

Truckmaster LD is a semi synthetic 10w40 designed for the latest European and US diesel engines operating under the most arduous service conditions.

For full details on performance profiles and specifications please refer to the technical data sheet.

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