Stop Leak

A treatment to be added to the oil in an oil system such as engine or gearbox to help minimise leaks

Features and Benefits

  • Helps minimise oil leaks in engines, gearboxes and differentials.
  • Restores the performance of undamaged elastomer based seals.
  • Helps maintain oil tightness of old or leaky seals.
  • Rejuvenates and conditions engine seals.

Product Information

An oil based treatment that helps to minimise oil leaks found in systems such as the engine, gearbox or differential. Stop Leak should be used for vehicles that have obvious signs of an oil leak, or require regular top-ups. Recommended for vehicles that are losing oil on a regular basis that require topping up more often between service intervals. The treatment is compatible with fully synthetic, synthetic and mineral engine oils.

Suitable for use in all petrol and diesel passenger cars and light commercial vehicles (LCV). To be used in engines, gearboxes (manual & automatic transmissions) and differentials.

1 x 250ml bottle treats: Up to 5 litres of engine, gearbox or differential oil

Add contents of bottle to oil in the engine, gearbox or differential.


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