Standard Traffic Film Remover

Odourless Traffic Film Remover

Features and Benefits

  • Effectively removes road traffic film from vehicle exteriors.
  • Removes heavy grease deposits.
  • Suitable for use as a detergent to clean floors.
  • Can be used effectively with brush applications.
  • Odourless and caustic free formulation

Product Information

A powerful detergent for the removal of traffic film, oil and grease from vehicle exteriors.
Suitable for use on all vehicles, engines, components and chassis.
Use via a hot (max 60°C) or cold pressure washer.  Use at a concentration of 1% to 5% (100:1 to 20:1) at the nozzle.  Apply the solution to the surface of the vehicle at low-pressure working from the bottom of the vehicle upwards.

Directions for Use

In hot weather, cool paintwork with water before applying chemical to avoid cleaning streaks over dry areas.
Do not allow the chemical to dry on the surface.
Do not apply neat.
Apply at a low pressure for traffic film removal and high pressure for degreasing.
Always pressure rinse thoroughly.
Protect from freezing.


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