Quakerclean 8700

Boron and formaldehyde-free cleaner

Features and Benefits

• Formaldehyde and boron free
• Suitable for use as part of a systems cleaning programme when converting from an oil based to water based coolant
• High cleaning power
• High solvency to loosen and dissolve dirt
• Does not affect suitably painted surfaces of machine tools, equipment, and industrial surfaces

Product Information

Quakerclean 8700 is designed as a system cleaner for aqueous solutions of machining and grinding fluids in central systems, single machines, premix tanks, etc. It is formulated with a specific surfactants, wetting agents and detergents package.

Quakerclean 8700 can be used as cleaning additive before changing a coolant. To clean before draining, this cleaner must be added in the sump at least 8 hours before the scheduled drain out. Its presence does not hinder the machining process. The coolant delivery and filtration systems must be maintained. After draining, rinse thoroughly with water and fill the sump with the coolant.


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