Multi Absorb Granules

Multi-purpose absorbent granules - soaks up spills on any solid surface

Features and Benefits

• Fast acting, inert substance
• Easy to sweep up when the absorption is complete
• Granules remain hard even at full saturation
• Skid proof
• Non flammable

Product Information

Natural, easy to use, multi-purpose absorbent granules – soaks up spills on any solid surface. A calcined, molar granulate of 1-3 mm, suitable for all absorption purposes on solid surfaces. The granulate may be used as a preventive or instantly whenever spills occur. Optimum friction is obtained even at full saturation.

Absorbent for:
• Acids
• Basic (alkaline) substances
• Fire-hazardous liquids
• Oil absorbent type III/R
• Aqueous and polar liquids


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