Millmax SE Bio 46

Biodegradable, synthetic hydraulic oil

Features and Benefits

  • Exceptional lubricity and high temperature performance.
  • Very high viscosity index for wider temperature operating range.
  • Naturally low pour point – can be used in extreme conditions.
  • High lubricity ensures maximised pump and other component life.
  • Use with system designed for mineral oils with no modifications or loss of performance.
  • Oil change intervals may be extended compared to conventional mineral oils.
  • Fire resistant (HFD (U) type fluid).

Product Information

A fully synthetic biodegradable hydraulic fluid based on modern ester technology and ashless anti-wear additives, classified as an Hydraulic Environmental Ester Synthetic type fluid (HEES) and HFD (U) type fluid.

Use as received in hydraulic applications where a HEES type fluid is required.


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