Millitran Syn LT 0w20

Fully synthetic, transmission/drive train fluid

Features and Benefits

• Specifically developed for cold climate use for ‘off-highway’ equipment.
• Modern power-shift transmissions, wet brakes and final drives are more complex with advanced materials used. As a result they require lubricants specifically designed to provide levels of exceptional performance
in friction reduction, oxidation resistance, lubricity and thermal stability.
• Excellent wear protection and load carrying capability provides improved performance and extended machine life.
• Smooth cold starting by eliminating transmission drag on engines at start up.
• Extends bearing, gear and clutch life through minimising friction and wear.

Product Information

Millitran Syn LT 0w20 is for use in transmissions, final drives, torque converters, wet brakes and hydraulic systems requiring a lubricant performance meeting Caterpillar TO-4 and Allison C4 operating at temperatures down to – 40˚C. For full list of specifications please refer to the technical data sheet.


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