Millgear SY 220

Synthetic PAG based gear oil

Features and Benefits

• Performs at elevated temperatures, typically in excess of 200°C
• High viscosity index imparts low start up drag whilst maintaining optimum viscosity at operating temperature
• Low oxidation leads to extended oil life, typically 10,000 hours @ 100°C
• Excellent Corrosion protection of yellow and ferrous metals
• David Brown type G general approval

Product Information

Millgear SY is a range of fully synthetic, polyalkylene glycol (PAG) extreme pressure industrial gear lubricants.

Use as received for a wide range of industrial gears, oven conveyor chains, tenters, stenters and applications with elevated temperatures.

Note: This lubricant should not be mixed with mineral oils, when changing over from mineral based products, flush the system with the suitable Millgear SY product.


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