Millgas Bio-Gen

A high TBN gas engine oil for use in biogas digester engines

Features and Benefits

• High TBN ensures performance for engines running on high sulphur containing biogas
• Good oxidation stability and anti-wear protection for maintained performance
• Detergent/dispersant additives help to maintain engine cleanliness

Product Information

Millgas Bio-Gen is a high Total Base Number (TBN) gas engine oil for use in biogas digester engines.

Ideal for the lubrication of gas powered stationary engines where unfiltered high sulphur containing biogas feed stocks are being used.

Note: Selection of the correct gas engine oil is critical with regard to the quality of gas in use and the OEM requirements and specifications. Consult Millers Oils Technical team for help with product selection.

Meets the specification of API CF. For full list of specifications please refer to the technical data sheet.


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