Millfood 68 MP Synth

Food grade, synthetic, non-toxic oils highly suitable for hydraulic systems and compressors used in the food, drink, pharmaceutical industries.

Features and Benefits

• Reduces friction and wear to protect components
• Low foaming formulation with high oxidation resistance to reduce varnishing and sludge
• Demulsibility gives rapid separation in case of water ingress
• Excellent thermal stability for extended service intervals – 8000 hrs in compressor applications.
• Extremely wide operating temperature range.
• Halal and Kosher certified

Product Information

Food grade, synthetic PAO multi-purpose oil ideal for both hydraulic and compressor applications. Wide operating temperature range and high oxidation and thermal stability for extended service intervals.

The Millfood range of lubricants is formulated using only FDA listed ingredients and all products have NSF H1 registration for guaranteed food safety compliance, without compromise on lubrication performance.


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