Millfarm XHPD 15w40

Multi-purpose engine oil for agricultural industry

Features and Benefits

• Millfarm XHPD 15w40 meets the ACEA E7 and API CI-4 specification required by many engine and equipment manufacturers
• This specification makes the product highly suitable for Euro 3 and some Euro 4/5 emission controlled engines
• Extended drain periods of up to 500hrs can be achieved to reduce equipment down time
• The high performance base oil and additive technology provide engine cleanliness and reduced oil consumption
• The ACEA E7 and API CI-4 specifications provide excellent protection for diesel engines, particularly under arduous conditions. The API SL petrol specification provides the true mixed fleet product required to reduce oil storage inventory

Product Information

Millfarm XHPD 15w40 is an excellent multipurpose engine oil meeting both the ACEA E7 and CI-4 / SL specifications as required by leading engine manufacturers and OEM’s. For full details on performance profiles and specifications please refer to the technical data sheet.


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