Millertect WBCI

Water based corrosion inhibitor for pressure test vessels

Features and Benefits

• Fully miscible with water
• Colourless appearance provides excellent visibility of the test material
• Extremely cost effective with high dilution rates
• Excellent corrosion protection of ferrous, non-ferrous, yellow metals and aluminium

Product Information

Millertect WBCI is a high dilution rate water based corrosion inhibitor for pressure test vessels.

For use in pressure testing of valves, pumps and other ferrous components where corrosion would be an issue.
Dependant on water hardness quality, exposure time and materials being tested add to water at a dilution rate of between 0.1% (1000:1) and 0.5% (200:1) In soft water areas subject to sampling the product may be used at a dilution rate as high as 0.05% (2000:1)


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