Millersol MP

Low oil, formaldehyde-free semi-synthetic metalworking fluid

Features and Benefits

• Optimised lubricity and cooling properties ensure quality work piece finish and longer tool life
• Low foaming formulation provides consistent lubrication and heat removal in both hard and soft water
• Robust formulation extends sump life, resulting in both economical fluid consumption and reduced down-time
• Multi-metal compatibility allows product rationalisation for subcontractor flexibility as well as simplified ordering and stock holding
• Chlorine and formaldehyde-free formulation ensures minimised hazard labelling for operator safety and audit compliance

Product Information

Millersol MP is a semi-synthetic, low oil formaldehyde-free metalworking fluid, designed to perform a wide range of cutting and grinding operations across a variety of materials.

Millersol MP is recommended for use on cast iron, ferrous alloys, aluminium alloys, yellow metals and glass.


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