Millcool Synth

Formaldehyde-free synthetic metalworking fluid

Features and Benefits

• High lubricity promotes excellent tool life
• Forms a stable solution in water between 50ppm and 400ppm CaCO3
• Rejects tramp oil
• Low foam product
• Free from formaldehyde, secondary amines, phenols, nitrites, chlorine and sulphur
• Does not produce sticky residues, clean in use
• Good fines handling properties
• Excellent bio-stability
• Good anti-corrosion properties
• Good workpiece visibility

Product Information

Millcool Synth is a synthetic formaldehyde- and chlorine-free metalworking fluid suitable for arduous grinding and cutting operations. For general machining, thread cutting, deep hole drilling and reaming on ferrous, high tensile and stainless steels, inconel, aluminium alloys, plastics and non ferrous composites.


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