Ginetta Tech Racing Brake Fluid 300 Plus

Brake fluid for use in the Ginetta G40 and G55 models

Features and Benefits

• Enhanced high temperature performance over DOT 4 fluids
• Racing Brake Fluid 300 Plus has a dry boiling point of above 310°C in comparison to the 230°C required for standard DOT 4 fluids. It has the capability to perform at the high braking temperatures found under arduous racing conditions
• Robust against water absorption, improving resistance to vapour lock
• Mutually compatible with all fluids meeting the same specifications

Product Information

Ginetta Tech Racing Brake Fluid 300+ has an extremely high dry boiling point of at least 310˚C. It provides exceptional resistance to vapour locking and good compressibility for improved brake feel.

For full details on performance profiles and specifications please refer to the technical data sheet.

The Ginetta Tech range of oils was developed in tandem by Millers Oils and Ginetta and is used across all Ginetta championships as the lubricant of choice.

Millers Oils is the official technical partner for Ginetta Cars, with title sponsorship and involvement in the famous junior championships, as well as supplying first fill oil for all Ginetta vehicles.

Ginetta Cars has a long and successful history of producing hand built race cars and has gained a reputation as one of the most renowned British heritage race car brands, and one in which some of motorsport’s biggest names began their careers.


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