Engine Flush

A treatment to be added to the oil in an engine before a drain and refill is to take place

Features and Benefits

  • Engine will be clean and contaminant free.
  • Lower contaminant carry over from the previous fluid to the new fluid, which will enhance the protection from the new oil.
  • Improves the efficiency of the engine system, therefore should increase the fuel economy & power delivery of the vehicle.
  • An oil based treatment that is not aggressive to different materials and seal types, unlike solvent based flushing products.
  • Safely cleans lacquer, varnish, dissolves sludge and deposits in areas such as piston rings and Variable Valve Timing (VVT) systems.
  • Provides anti wear protection, which maintains the protection level of the existing engine oil.

Product Information

An oil based treatment designed to remove debris and contaminants in the engine that a scheduled oil change cannot clean. Engine Flush should be added prior to draining the oil in order to clean the internals of the engine. The treatment is compatible with fully synthetic, synthetic and mineral engine oils.

Suitable for use in all petrol and diesel passenger cars and light commercial vehicles (LCV), where an oil change service is being carried out.

1 x 250ml bottle treats: Up to 6 litres of engine oil


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