EE Performance MTF 75w90

Fully synthetic gear oil with ester technology for use in gearboxes, transfer cases & differentials.

Features and Benefits

  • Reduced driveline losses from award winning NANODRIVE low friction technology, synthetic base oil with Ester formulation.
  • Extended component life and reduced operating temperatures as a result of the instant lubrication provided by NANODRIVE low friction technology.
  • “Track day ready”, high performance oil; delivers maximum performance whilst meeting manufacturer’s specifications and recommended oil drain interval for on-road use.
  • Maximised efficiency and performance delivered from the low friction NANODRIVE formulation.
  • Synthetic base oil and Ester combined with NANODRIVE technology gives ultimate component protection.
  • Covers a wide range of manufacturers including the latest gearbox, transfer case & differential technology.

Product Information

A performance gear oil featuring NANODRIVE low friction technology to provide maximum protection and performance. Predominantly for European and Asian manufacturers.


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