Motorsport CRX 75w90 NT+

Competition fully synthetic NANODRIVE ester transmission oil

Features and Benefits

• Fully synthetic oils protect the gear teeth at both low start-up and high running temperatures
• Triple ester formulation works synergistically for optimised film strength and anti-wear protection
• Second generation NANODRIVE low friction technology maximises torque and power

Product Information

CRX 75w90 NT+ is ideal for modern transmissions, differentials, and limited slip differentials (excluding plated type LSD) and where fully synthetic oil is specified, especially for high performance road and track day applications.

The Millers Oils range of competition gear oils is fully synthetic and incorporates second generation NANODRIVE low friction technology to achieve winning results in both professional and nonprofessional racing.

For full details on performance profiles and specifications please refer to the technical data sheet.

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