Classic Running In Oil

Running in oil for re-built engines

Features and Benefits

• High quality mineral oil formulated to solve the problems experienced when reconditioned engines do not bed-in.
• Provides full protection to highly stressed valve gear/associated components whilst allowing piston rings to bed in against the bore.
• Suitable for 500 miles after which it should be replaced with the appropriate Millers Oils classic engine oil.
• Good running in will optimise the performance and fuel efficiency of a reconditioned engine.

Product Information

Classic Running In Oil 30 is a SAE 30 mineral based running in oil for vintage and classic engines. This product is designed for the initial running in of re-built engines. Use of this product optimizes performance and fuel efficiency.

Use as received for initial running in of re-built engines. Formulated for running in on the road. Can be used for test bed running. Run engine at peak torque to ensure maximum bedding-in of piston rings. Drain and refill with the Millers Classic lubricant most suitable for the engine. Note: Do not use high performance oils before the bedding-in process is complete.


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