Classic Preservation Oil 20w50

Preservation oil for storage and limited running of classic engines

Features and Benefits

• Vapour phase inhibitors provide anti-rust performance on working surfaces.
• Resistance to ‘run-off’ during lay-up.
• Vehicles can be driven for up to 2000 gentle road miles.
• Suitable for petrol and diesel engines.
• Can be used and run in gearboxes requiring an engine oil.
• Can be used for storage only in Hypoid final drives.

Product Information

Classic Preservation Oil 20w50 is a dual purpose preservation oil SAE 20w50 mineral preservation oil for storage and limited running of engines. It is specifically engineered to provide both rust and corrosion protection for petrol and diesel engines.

Use as received to provide storage protection of mechanical parts. Primarily for engines, but can be used for transmissions. Suitable for vintage, classic, motor sport or industrial applications.


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