Classic 2T

2 stroke oil for use in classic motorcycle and scooter applications

Features and Benefits

  • Low ash formulation.
  • Reduced throttle sticking.
  • Dyed ‘blue’ for easy recognition of the product and treated fuel.

Product Information

Classic 2T is a mineral 2 stroke engine oil, designed to work in classic applications where maximum lubricity and protection is required. The traditional technology used is ideal for the older air-cooled engines, and the low ash formulation prevents ring sticking, piston seizure and plug fouling.

Suitable for use in classic motorcycle and scooter applications where 2 stroke oil is required.

Directions for use: If automatic lubrication system add to the designated tank. If self-mix then mix with petrol at the ratio recommended by the equipment manufacturer typically 40:1 up to 50:1.

Please refer to the technical datasheet for specifications.


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