Premier Waste Services Optimises Fleet Maintenance with Millers Oils

Purple background image of a skip with the Premier Waste Services (UK) Ltd logo in white.

Company Overview

Premier Waste Services is one of the UK’s largest providers of skip and waste container services. They offer a unique recycling and waste management service for all industrial and business sectors. Based in Hyde, Greater Manchester, this company efficiently operates throughout the UK, covering substantial distances to meet their clients’ waste management needs.

The Challenge

In 2021, Premier Waste Services had recently acquired six new trucks, which quickly presented a concerning issue. Warning lights illuminated on the vehicle dashboards, triggering costly inspections. The diagnosis revealed blocked Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs), injectors, and Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valves.

Impact on Business

As the company heavily relies on its truck fleet for operations, the unexpected issues had significant ramifications. Extended downtime disrupted service schedules, and the uncertainty surrounding repair durations posed operational challenges. Premier Waste Services employs specific trucks for designated tasks, so when one or more of these vehicles were side-lined for maintenance, operational efficiency suffered. Consequently, the company incurred substantial expenses due to required repairs, including expenses for new DPFs, which cost approximately £900 each.

The Solution

To resolve these recurring issues, Premier Waste Services turned to Millers Oils for support. Millers Oils recommended adding a fuel treatment to the fuel tank located at the yard, which served as the refuelling station for all trucks. Notably, the implementation of fuel treatments correlated with a substantial reduction in the issues with the truck fleet.

Challenges in Recent Times

With rising fuel prices, Premier Waste Services chose to switch to a fuel card system and began refuelling their trucks at a nearby supermarket. This transition inadvertently omitted the use of fuel treatments. Within 2-3 weeks, the same familiar problems emerged – warning lights and blockages.

The Revised Approach

Considering the cost-effectiveness of refuelling at the supermarket, Premier Waste Services were reluctant to revert to their previous method. Subsequently, they reached out to Millers Oils, who offered a revised solution. The drivers were entrusted with the responsibility of putting Millers Oils’ fuel treatment in the fuel tanks before filling up anywhere other than their home yard, a practice that swiftly eliminated the recurrent issues.


Embracing Millers Oils’ fuel treatments notably streamlined their fleet maintenance operations, saving Premier Waste Services both time and money. As a business heavily dependent on the reliable operation of their trucks, having a dependable solution for unexpected issues was of paramount importance. With the problems resolved, the company’s management and drivers could concentrate on their primary responsibilities, ensuring a seamless and efficient waste management service.

Why Millers Oils?

Premier Waste Services’ decision to partner with Millers Oils was grounded in practical results. The company experienced no complications with Millers Oils’ products, and the level of service offered was consistently outstanding. The prompt response and assistance from their dedicated representative underscored the trust and reliability that Premier Waste Services associates with Millers Oils.

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