Tips For a Parked Up Car

Black and white image of a car parked up on the side of the road

Here at Millers Oils we’re not only passionate about our products but also the industries we work in.

We have many staff who are passionate about cars and everything to do with them. A few of our experts (expertise in loving and caring for their cars) put their heads together and have come up with a guide on things you can do to help look after your parked car while it’s not being used*.


If your car has been parked on the drive, road or garage for some time it is worth slightly inflating your tyres. Do this by approximately 3-5 psi above your normal driving pressure. This will help to avoid tyre flat spots when parked for a considerable length of time. Just remember to let them back down to recommended level for when you come back to getting it on the road.


Disconnect the negative battery terminal to stop the battery from draining completely meaning it will be dead the next time you use it. Just make sure to reconnect it again when ready to hit the road.


Perform general maintenance checks on your parked car to make sure it is all in working order, check things such as: all bulbs are working correctly, check tyres for legal try tread.


Did you know when the fuel is left in the tank the volatile components, octane for petrol, cetane for diesel will start to reduce off. To help with this you can add a fuel treatment to the tank during the lay up or just before you want to start using it again. We recommend incorporating our Diesel or Petrol Power Ecomax into your fuel top up routine. This will help bring the fuel quality back up helping your engine run as normal once it is up and running on the road again.

*Please remember this is just a friendly guide – please make sure you are fully able to undertake any of these tasks before attempting them. We do not assume responsibility for any damage caused.