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Once oil has come to the end of its useful life and a clean out has been recommended following oil analysis or in the event of an unplanned breakdown emergency, Millers Oils Fluid Management Division will send all relevant paperwork including liability insurance, risk assessments and method statements to all the relevant customer contacts for full audit compliance.

When on site, Millers Oils Fluid Management technicians adhere to site specific regulations and complete any inductions and paperwork. Our technicians carry warning signs, floor cable tidy covers and barrier tape, to ensure the working area is kept safe.

Once the machine has been drained and the residue has been vacuumed and wiped out clean, all panels will be placed back into position. The machine is then refilled with new oil using our filter rigs to the correct level making sure the OEMs recommended ISO cleanliness codes (or better) are achieved.

On job completion, the workplace is left clean and tidy, all oil waste, pads/rags will be removed from the site and all waste oil documentation will be provided and all permits signed off.


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