Usually oil is changed after a certain length of time or number of miles. Depending on driving conditions and patterns, oil can need changing sooner than the OEM recommendation.

Oil sample analysis gives information on viscosity, additive levels, oxidation and contamination, as well as wear metals that can indicate premature wear of engine or gearbox components. Millers Oils can then advise when it’s time for an oil change – avoiding expensive breakdowns.

Please note: This service is only available in the UK.

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Commercial vehicle and off-highway

Long haul, start-stop driving in all weather and with heavy loads can take its toll on a vehicle – and in a competitive market with tight deadlines, any unplanned down-time comes at a premium.

At Millers Oils, we offer oil analysis for heavy duty vehicles as part of the Protected by Millers Oils programme, which provides the following benefits:

• Condition monitoring of your oil, as well as the engine components
• Avoid costly unplanned maintenance and breakdowns
• History of regular oil analysis results alongside full service history can significantly increase a vehicle’s residual value

Find out more about the full Protected by Millers Oils programme here

Please note: This service is only available in the UK.


In many industrial applications, the sump is often filled with oil then left to run throughout the year without an oil change. Bearings, gearboxes, actuators, valves and ejector pins can start to stick or wear, without the maintenance department knowing.

If the oil isn’t sampled regularly, it’s impossible to know whether everything is running smoothly, or if the machine is on the verge of a costly break down. Frequent oil sampling keeps the maintenance department informed of both the condition of the oil and the machine components, allowing maintenance to be planned around production – saving both time and money.

Please note: This service is only available in the UK.

Sample reports include analysis on:


Viscosity is crucial for optimum lubrication, and can change due to contamination or oxidation.


Oil can become contaminated by environmental factors such as water, dust and debris, as well as by other oils.

Wear metals

Wear metals in the oil offer an insight into not just the health of the oil but the health of the machine components. High levels of a certain metal can indicate that a particular component may need replacing soon.

Additive level

Additives such as anti-wear, anti-corrosion etc. become depleted over time as they fulfil their purpose in the oil.

Please note: This service is only available in the UK.