We are excited to share that we have reviewed the longstanding Trident Professional range. Since the appointment of our new Technical Manager, we felt we could further enhance this offering to make it the very best range we can offer to the professional automotive market.

Our existing lines have been improved where possible to offer a wider coverage of specifications, and we have introduced a new product into the range – Trident C5 5w20 targeting Ford Eco- Boost engines and Jaguar Land Rover.


Within the range reviews, we have also taken the time to evaluate how our range looks on the shelf. The Trident Professional range will now have a different label design, which will fall in line with our offering across the automotive ranges as a whole.

We feel this label design is much more in line with the Millers Oils current branding, and is much clearer for the consumer when selecting an oil from the shelf.


Barrel & IBC Labels

New generic labels will now feature on 20L, 60L, 199L and IBC, we plan to implement a running change for these pack sizes for the other product sectors during the year.


Technical Data Sheets & Brochure

During the range review we have taken the opportunity to refresh the technical product data sheets, we have shortened the typical characteristics in order to make the data less confusing for our customers.

We have revised the Technical Data Sheets and have released a new version of the Trident brochure.

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Full range offering:

There will be a running change to all pack sizes for the Trident Professional range from 1st September 2020