New Range Of Energy Efficient Hydraulic Oil

Text of benefits of Millmax ee industrial product

Millers Oils has launched Millmax EE, a new range of energy efficient hydraulic oils that offers a reduction in energy consumption of up to 10% for the plastic moulders.

With growing environmental awareness in the industry, as well as ever increasing pressures for efficiency and cost reduction, Millmax EE is an ideal product for manufacturers looking to reduce energy consumption —especially those working towards ISO 50001 and ISO 14001 energy and environmental management standards.

Millmax EE uses Dynavis® technology, developed by world leading speciality chemical company, Evonik, to optimise its viscometric properties.

Millers Oils Industrial Product Manager, Louise Holt, explains:

“Viscosity index, or the tendency of a fluid’s viscosity to change with temperature, is a key property for hydraulic oils. Fluids with constant viscosity over the operating temperature range of the system ensure greater efficiency and lower energy consumption.

“Dynavis® has been proven to reduce energy usage in injection moulding applications by up to 10%1, so by combining this technology with our high quality base oils and additives, as well as our industry expertise, we are able to offer tangible results to our customers in the plastic moulding industry.”

As well as providing energy savings, Millmax EE also shows outstanding oxidation stability—more than double that of the industry standard hydraulic oil2—which extends oil drain intervals, and reduces oil consumption and down-time.

Millmax EE is available in ISO 32, 46 and 68 viscosities as well as zinc-free formulations for applications where ash-less product is specified.

Millers Oils is a leading British independent blender of oils with over 130 years’ experience supplying lubrication solutions to manufacturing industries. We work with original equipment manufacturers to supply and fill high quality hydraulic oil for injection, blow and compression moulding machines, as well as offering a range of bespoke services. Our Fluid Management Division services include oil sampling for preventative maintenance, oil filtration to increase drain intervals, machine clean-outs, and oil changes.

Fluid Management Division – Millers Oils

For more information about Millmax EE, Dynavis® technology and Millers Oils services for the plastics industry, contact fluid.management@millersoils.co.uk or call 01484 713201.

  1. Trial completed by Evonik engineers on a BOY 35 E injection moulding machine. For more details contact Millers Oils.
  2. Mineral based HM hydraulic oil (ISO 11158 HM, DIN 51524 part 2)