We are excited to announce the launch of the new EE Performance Engine Oil range.

The new range uses the Millers Oils award-winning NANODRIVE low friction technology, combined with ester technology to deliver maximum engine performance, whilst meeting manufacturers specifications and recommended oil drain intervals.

EE Performance Engine Oil supersedes the EE Longlife range, offering an expanded range of viscosities and application coverage, as well as performance improvements to existing formulations.

Please contact technical@millersoils.co.uk for advice with product selection.

Full range chart below:


With the launch of this new range, we decided that now was the perfect time to revamp our branding for the EE Performance range to provide a fresh and updated look for the market.

As you can see our new 5 & 1 L labels fit with the Millers Oils branding and also incorporates the brand and application of EE Performance with the speedometer in the background of the label artwork.


Barrel & IBC Labels

New generic labels will now feature on 20L, 60L, 199L and IBC, we plan to implement a running change for these pack sizes for the other product sectors during the year.


We have also released a new EE Performance brochure which is available below.

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