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NANODRIVE is the award-winning Millers Oils motorsport brand that incorporates advanced nanoparticle technology for high performance applications, where stress on components is at
its limit.

First launched in 2007, NANODRIVE was developed to meet the demanding requirements of the motorsport industry for greater and more consistent lubrication over a wider temperature range, particularly in gear box applications.

Today NANODRIVE technology is used in Millers Oils engine, gear oils and suspensions fluids.

How does it work?

In engine and gear oils, NANODRIVE technology combines advanced nanoparticles with triple ester chemistry to greatly reduce friction, protect against wear and maximise power. In suspension fluids, the advanced nanoparticles reduce friction for a consistently smooth operation.

Although the surfaces in engines and gearboxes look smooth to the naked eye, microscopic inspection reveals roughness and asperities that promote friction and wear, especially in harsh conditions where the oil film can no longer be relied upon for lubrication. Nanoparticles work by absorbing to the surface of the metal components, both smoothing out the surfaces and providing a physical layer that prevents destructive metal to metal contact – even at high temperatures and pressures.

Esters are very valuable functional molecules in a lubricant, providing excellent lubricity as well as high oxidation stability. They are also surface-active, so they efficiently coat the metal surface to protect against friction and wear. There are different types of esters that interact differently both with themselves and other additives, so the oil blend has to be expertly balanced. Millers Oils has developed a unique triple ester formulation that works synergistically to greatly enhance performance.

What’s the evidence?

Millers Oils has carried out extensive testing on its formulations, proving that NANODRIVE dramatically improves film strength, reduces friction and boosts power. NANODRIVE products have won awards such as MIA Business Excellence Awards, World Motorsport Symposium Innovation award and Race Tech most innovative new motorsport product.

Today, NANODRIVE products are being used globally in numerous disciplines such as the British Touring Car Championship, the Dakar rally and the World Rally Championships.

Nanodrive: Friction Testing


reduction in coefficient of friction

Coefficient of friction: measurement of friction between two surfaces

CFS 5w40, CFS 5w40 NT+ and a typical 5w40 passenger car engine oil were tested on the HFRR at temperatures between 40°C and 140°C, with a ramp rate of 1°C per minute, and a contact pressure of 833kPa. At 100°C, the normal operating temperature of an engine, CFS 5w40 reduces the coefficient of friction by 27%, and CFS NT+ reduces the coefficient of friction by over 53% compared to the typical 5w40 oil.


reduction in wear scar

Without Nanodrive

Typical passenger car 5w40:

With Nanodrive

CFS 5w40 NT+:

Wear scar: area of material removed by metal to metal contact

CFS 5w40 NT+ and a typical 5w40 passenger car engine oil were tested on the HFRR with a contact pressure of 833kPa. The results show that the CFS 5w40 NT+ offers over a 48% reduction in wear scar area over the typical passenger car product.

NANODRIVE low friction technology in passenger car applications

Following the success of our NANODRIVE motorsport range, we took our nanotechnology expertise from the race track and applied it to the highway.

Our energy efficient ‘EE’ engine oil range has been specially formulated with low friction technology, minimising friction losses in the engine whilst maintaining an optimised oil film thickness to lubricate and protect against wear.