Meet the Team – Richard Harrison-Fudge

richard harrison-fudge picture for meet the team

In this edition of our Meet The Team series, we caught up with Richard Harrison-Fudge, a valued member of our Transport Department.

What is your role at Millers Oils?

My role at Millers Oils is Transport Supervisor. This encompasses transport compliance, vehicle planning, route planning, daily tasks for transport, transport cost efficiency, and general maintenance and upkeep of the fleet.

What do you do in your spare time?

My wife and I foster dogs, mainly Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. We have done this for roughly 3-4 years and find it fulfilling. Each dog has a different background and it’s great seeing them go back to being a normal dog and then watching them being adopted to their forever homes. We get no better feeling seeing the healing process a dog goes through and for them to come out a better dog on the other end.

Tell us something about yourself that people admire you for.

Many people admire me for completing my colour service in the British Armed Forces. I have served 22 years in the army and take pride in it. During my service, I served all over the world. Since retiring, I am looking forward to seeing what my civilian chapter brings me! It has gotten off to a great start working for Millers Oils and I have loved every moment of it.

What is one thing you could not live without and why?

I could not live without my family. When I was in the army I used to return to duty and try not to think about leaving my family at home. Doing it for so long I got used to it. Since retiring from the army I now spend all my time with my family and wouldn’t change it for the world. I absolutely cherish them! I guess you could say absence makes the heart grow fonder!

What is one of the best parts of working for Millers Oils?

For me, the people I work with make me want to get to work each and every morning. I love the fact we all have each other’s back and we all have the chemistry that makes a well-lubricated team. It makes decision-making much, much easier! We constantly bounce ideas off each other and help each other through every day. It makes a working day a lot easier if you love the team you work in!

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