We recently introduced additional products, a fresh new look, and upgraded specifications to our Motorcycle, Scooter, and ATV Range. With this, we are happy to announce that our WhichOil? oil checker tool now includes motorcycles. Type your reg in or select your model to find the correct products for you. Find it here: Which Oil?

This month’s Product of the Month is our ZFS 4T 10w30, a fully synthetic 4-stroke engine/transmission oil for use in Motorcycle, Scooter & ATV applications where maximum performance is required.

A new addition to the range, we aim to increase efficiency and performance, bringing in this ‘new’ oil for motorcycles.

The viscosity has become popular due to its fuel economy benefits; the oil flows faster through the engine, reducing drag, and requiring less energy for your oil pump, resulting in more fuel efficiency.

Formulated with the latest additive technology for maximum performance in 4-stroke applications, this oil includes a constant high friction profile for wet clutch performance meeting the JASO MA2 specification.

It is specially developed for road and track use in air and water-cooled motorcycles.

For more information, click here: ZFS 4T 10w30 

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We also do ZFS 4T 5w40, 10w40, 10w50, and 20w50.

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