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Millmax EE 46 HV

Millmax EE 46 HV hydraulic oil provides greater operational system efficiency, whilst protecting equipment from corrosion and wear. It has high oxidation and thermal stability which gives a lifecycle that is twice as long.

Using Millmax EE 46 HV in high-pressure systems such as injection molding machines and mobile plant machinery, can provide accuracy in the results and improve the mechanical efficiency of the whole system. This reduces the risk of unplanned downtime whilst also reducing oil consumption.

A high viscosity index ensures a high level of efficiency over a wide range of temperatures for indoor and outdoor use.

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent temperature viscosity profile providing improved mechanical efficiency of the whole system.
  • High viscosity index contributes to lower fluid leakage losses and greatly improves pump efficiency leading to lower energy usage.
  • Excellent oxidation and thermal stability, improving oil cleanliness for longer operating life.
  • Viscosity stability provides effective power transfer in hydraulic systems.
  • Excellent low temperature performance allowing use across a wide temperature range.
  • Advanced anti-wear and corrosion chemistry protect equipment for longer component life.
  • Low foaming formulation minimises aeration and cavitation for consistent power transfer.

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