Millers Oils shares some top tips for saving fuel…

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Trips out in the car have become more daunting, whether that be your daily commute to work or planned family trips. The topic of fuel prices is huge within the UK at the moment, add to that the strain of the increased cost of living means that saving pounds has become a priority for Brits.

Statistics taken in September 2022 show that the United Kingdom ranks at number 16 in the globes highest price per litre for Unleaded Fuel. Despite a record petrol price drop last month, according to the RAC, UK Motorists are still getting a “raw deal” when visiting the pumps. With the average price being £1.68 for Unleaded and £1.80 for Diesel proves the fact that many petrol stations aren’t passing their reductions on to consumers.

With small facts like this, it brings fuel prices to the forefront of many motorists’ minds.

We therefore wanted to share some fuel saving top tips:

  • Check your tyre pressure. If your tyre pressure is low, your car needs more fuel in order to move it down the road. It is recommended to check your tyre pressure on a fortnightly basis and especially before longer journeys
  • Remove unnecessary weight. Things such as roof bars, roof boxes or things in your boot that aren’t needed for the journey drastically increase the drag of your vehicle, resulting in using more fuel
  • Regular vehicle maintenance
  • Drive in the correct gear and keep your revs low
  • Try not to lose momentum (where safe to do so). Anticipating the road ahead means you may avoid having to slow down and speed up. The more you speed up the more fuel you will use
  • A warm engine is more efficient… combine journeys instead of making lots of short trips (if possible)

Follow these top tips, and see if it gets you that extra mile!

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