Millers Oils Launches New XF Premium Engine Oil Range

A passenger car on the road with our XF premium products

Independent British oil blender, Millers Oils, has launched XF Premium Engine Oil, a new range of OEM approved engine oils with coverage of the latest applications and specifications for the modern passenger car market.

The XF Premium Engine Oil range includes new and improved formulations from its successful predecessor, XF Longlife, as well as the introduction of two new products.

The new range utilises Dynamic Fluid Technology (DFT), a unique, superior lubrication technology developed and blended by Millers Oils. DFT uses the very latest and best additive technologies, which act synergistically to maximise protection and enhance performance.

Millers Oils Technical Manager – Andy Ogley, explains:

“Engines are most susceptible to damage and wear during the start-up phase, and modern driving conditions only exacerbate this vulnerability – Stop-Start technology, sitting in heavy traffic and driving short journeys can all result in reduced engine life.

“Dynamic Fluid Technology combats these effects, exploiting the molecules’ surface chemistry to form a dynamic protective film overall engine component surfaces, thereby safeguarding the engine.”

Highlights of the XF Premium Engine Oil range include the introduction of Millers Oils lowest ever viscosity engine oil, 0w16, for the latest Japanese fuel-efficient hybrid engines, as well as an improved C2 C3 5w30 oil which has both the latest Mercedes Benz 229.52 approval and the BMW Longlife-04 approval.

For more information about the XF Premium Engine Oil range visit click here or contact sales@millersoils.co.uk