Millers Oils Launches New And Improved Commercial Vehicle Engine Oils

A lorry on a motorway with our products on the side and the Millers Oils logo top right

Independent British lubricant manufacturer, Millers Oils, has launched a range of new Commercial Vehicle engine oils suitable for all types of heavy-duty vehicles.

The new range

This new range has been developed to deliver improved product quality and a more extensive specification portfolio from its successful predecessors. Both the flagship brands, Truckmaster and Multifleet, use modern technology to suit new and current heavy-duty vehicles. The top tier products cover vehicles up to EURO 6 and where ACEA E9 is called for. Even the most modern of fleets will be catered for whilst also remaining applicable to older fleets with backwards compatible technology and offering various viscosity grades.

The premium Truckmaster range of Commercial Vehicle engine oils has Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) approvals which further enhance the coverage and give fleet owners the peace of mind that vehicle’s still in their warranty period are covered. The OEM approval certificates include some of the top manufacturer specs called for such as: VDS-4.5, LDF-4 and MB 228.52.

The Truckmaster range utilises Dynamic Fluid Technology (DFT), a unique, superior lubrication technology developed and blended by Millers Oils. DFT uses the very latest and best additive technologies, which act synergistically to maximise protection and enhance performance.

Andy Ogley, Millers Oils Technical Manager explains further:

“Engines are most susceptible to damage and wear during the start-up phase. Modern driving conditions only exacerbate this vulnerability – sitting in heavy traffic, stopping and starting the engine, can result in reduced engine life. Dynamic Fluid Technology combats these effects, exploiting the molecules’ surface chemistry to form a dynamic protective film over all engine component surfaces, thereby safeguarding the engine.

We now have a full and comprehensive range of heavy duty engine oils to suit all fleet types, the wide ranging needs of this sector and the demands and pressure on the vehicles.”

As well as manufacturing engine oils for the Commercial Vehicle sector, Millers Oils also produces driveline lubricants, ancillary products, fuel treatments and provides an oil analysis service. To find out more about full vehicle protection, talk to Millers Oils about the ‘Protected by Millers Oils’ programme.

For more information about the Commercial Vehicle Engine Oil range click here or contact sales@millersoils.co.uk