Millers Oils’ Classic 20w50s to suit your vehicle’s every need!

Our Classic Product of the Month is actually three products, our 20w50 oils:

⭐️ Classic Pistoneeze 20w50 – Quite simply for classics across the board. This is a good quality mineral oil, in keeping with what would have been around at the time. For example, suited to a Morris Minor.

⭐️ Classic Sport 20w50 – An upgraded oil from Classic Pistoneeze for sporty cars and fast road use. A high-performance semi-synthetic engine oil providing increased engine component protection using modern engine oil technology but still suited to classic vehicles. For example, perfect for a Jaguar E Type.

⭐️ Classic Mini Oil 20w50 – We are proud to have been one of the first to engineer this niche product. A mineral engine and gear oil specifically engineered for classic mini engines with integral gearbox for excellent engine performance and protection.

And when it’s time to lay up, use our Classic Preservation 20w50 Oil, providing rust and corrosion protection when in storage.

All of these oils are formulated with the optimum level of ZDDP. Read more about ZDDP here:

We know the past concern about around the use of synthetic oil in classic vehicles, however, modern technology has shown that this worry is misplaced. Find more here:

And for more information on these oils click here:

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