Millers Oils 2023 Motorsport Season – A Year of Unforgettable Partnerships and Achievements

Image of 6 motorsport cars with a blue background and text that says "Motorsport 2023 review"

As the chequered flag falls on the 2023 motorsport season, it’s time to reflect on a year filled with adrenaline-pumping races, remarkable achievements, and invaluable partnerships.

Millers Oils, a name synonymous with innovation and performance in the world of lubricants, has once again played a pivotal role in powering several high-profile motorsport teams and individuals to success. As the last few races are lined up in coming weeks, let’s take a closer look at Millers Oils’ involvement in some of the most exciting and challenging motorsport endeavours of 2023.

Fastest Mini in the World

The “Fastest Mini in the World” is not just a title; it’s a goal that every Mini enthusiast aspires to achieve. In 2023, Millers Oils partnered with the series determined to make this dream a reality. The combination of Millers Oils’ high-performance lubricants and the expertise of the Fastest Mini in the World participants resulted in jaw-dropping speed and agility on the track. Solidifying Millers Oils’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of performance.

Bill Richards Racing

Bill Richards Racing, continued its successful partnership with Millers Oils in 2023. Spanning over more than a decade of commitment, from the slippery snow covered mountainsides of Monte Carlo to the technical decent of paddock hills bend. Sharing many successes together, Bills continued commitment and passion for the Millers Oils brand will always be recognised and valued.

Millers Oils’ cutting-edge lubrication technology provided the competitive edge needed to shine in these fiercely contested championships. Proving many a time that Bill has the skills to prove that he is one of the fastest people behind the wheel of a classic Mini.

MG Trophy

The MG Trophy championship witnessed another thrilling season in 2023, with Millers Oils standing alongside as a trusted partner. Millers Oils’ commitment to delivering superior lubricants paid dividends as MG Trophy teams consistently achieved impressive results. Drivers pushed race cars to the limit, benefiting from the enhanced engine performance and reliability that Millers Oils’ products provided.

TeamHARD. Racing

In a remarkable union that goes beyond the racetrack, Millers Oils recently joined forces with Team HARD Racing, solidifying their partnership through a shared commitment to family values. Both entities, as family-owned businesses, understand the importance of tradition, integrity, and building a legacy. This shared ethos forms the cornerstone of their partnership, uniting them in their pursuit of excellence in the motorsport world of BTCC. This collaboration has further deepened with a strong bond formed between Millers Oils and one of Team HARD Racing’s drivers, Dan Lloyd. Dan’s exceptional content presence and social media engagement have only bolstered the relationship, allowing Millers Oils to connect with fans on a personal level and showcase their unwavering support.

Strasse Leeds

Strasse is firmly established as one of the country’s leading independent Porsche specialists with real passion behind everything that they do. Whether it is the fine attention to detail, they provide with every service they do or the true commitment and dedication shown behind their racing pedigree.

Successful both in club motorsport and in the forests of the great British countryside. Dave, Lindsay and Sam have proudly waved the Millers Oils flag and proven that performance matters both on and off the racetrack.

Dave Forrest and Jamie Forrest have previously confirmed themselves (in the Millers Oils Mk 2 Escort) as the 2023 Northern Historic Rally Champions 2023. Whilst the Strasse Motorsport team have had countless success in 2023 in the Porsche Club GB Championship.

RS Off Road

Off-road racing enthusiasts were in for a treat in 2023 as Millers Oils partnered with RS Off Road. Off-road racing presents a unique set of challenges, with extreme conditions and demanding terrains testing both drivers and vehicles. Millers Oils’ specially formulated lubricants provided RS Off Road father-son team with the reliability and performance required to conquer the toughest off-road courses and championships. A new and exciting partnership that will only get stronger!

Alfie Garford

In an exhilarating blend of speed, precision, and cutting-edge innovation, Millers Oils has embarked on an exciting journey by partnering with the talented young racer, Alfie Garford, for his year of kart racing. As Alfie takes the racing world by storm, Millers Oils has recognised the immense potential in this rising star and joined forces to provide him with the highest quality lubricants and technical support to ensure he reaches new heights in the karting world. This partnership not only emphasises Millers Oils’ commitment to nurturing talent but also showcases the critical role their state-of-the-art products play in powering champions like Alfie. With Alfie’s passion, determination, and Millers Oils’ cutting-edge solutions, the collaboration promises to set new benchmarks in kart racing, making it a journey worth watching for motorsport enthusiasts.

Silverstone Rally School

Silverstone Rally School, an institution renowned for training the next generation of rally champions, benefited from Millers Oils’ technical expertise in 2023. Millers Oils supplied the school with lubricants and fluids that withstood the rigors of rally racing, ensuring that aspiring rally drivers received top-notch training and a competitive edge on the rally stage.

Millers Oils hosted a spectacular event at the Silverstone Rally School, bringing together an exhilarating mix of motorsport aficionados, competition winners, and esteemed customers of our brand ambassador, the one and only Andy Savva. This extraordinary gathering was made possible through our steadfast partnership with Silverstone Rally School, a collaboration that continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of motorsport. As the engines roared and tires screeched around the track, the Millers Oils x Silverstone Rally Schools Partners Day was a true testament to the power of teamwork and shared passion. It was an incredible day that highlighted the very essence of our partnership, and we couldn’t be more proud to offer such a thrilling experience to our valued supporters and partners. It’s moments like these that make us realise how fortunate we are to be a part of the ever-thriving motorsport community.

Sime Racing

In the heart-pounding world of motorsport, alliances can make all the difference, and this season brought us a new partnership that had enthusiasts buzzing with excitement. Upon meeting at Race Retro in April 2023, Sime Racing and Millers Oils joined forces, marking a monumental collaboration that set the track on fire. It’s a match made in motorsport heaven, and we can’t wait to see what the partnership holds in store for us in the seasons to come.

Danny Silvester

Millers Oils also extended its reach to the world of online motorsport content creation. Danny DC2, a prominent YouTuber and motorsport enthusiast, benefited from Millers Oils’ support. This partnership not only enhanced the quality of Danny’s content but also educated his audience about the importance of lubrication technology in motorsport.

The 2023 motorsport season has been a year of triumphs, challenges, and unforgettable moments. Millers Oils’ unwavering commitment to innovation and performance has once again shone brightly through its partnerships with teams and individuals across various motorsport disciplines.

As we bid farewell to the 2023 season, one thing is certain. Millers Oils’ dedication to pushing the limits of lubrication technology and its unwavering support for motorsport continue to be driving forces behind the success of teams, drivers, and enthusiasts alike. As we eagerly await the start of the 2024 season, we can only imagine the new heights that Millers Oils will help its partners reach in the thrilling world of motorsport.