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Millers Oils have a wealth of experience and knowledge working within in the water soluble metalworking fluids industry. We manufacture an extensive range of products to improve surface finish and extend tool life We also offer services into this sector to help increase sump life and keep the fluids operating at their best. On top of this we also offer advice for your machines and how to keep them running at optimum efficiency.

Our services include:

Fluid monitoring

Keeps your staff safe and meets HSE compliance the composition of Metal Working Fluids (MWF) can change when in use, which can lead to a reduction in machine performance, and more importantly, an increased risk of skin irritation and respiratory disease in personnel.

We have the expertise and equipment to help you ensure your company is compliant with HSE guide- lines, including record keeping, full tank cleans and chemical treatments, all helping to achieve optimal efficiency of your machine and the welfare of staff.

Refractometer reading & pH testing

Controlling the fluids concentration and pH helps keep the coolant in good condition and maximises sump life & performances.

Low concentration will reduce the performance of the fluid and could result in corrosion, microbial growth leading to the possibility of the emulsion splitting. A high concentration can lead to potential skin irritation, increases the chance of foaming and higher usage costs. A drop in pH can signify an increase in bacteria levels. A rise in pH could mean contamination possibly from cleaning products.

Dip sliding

Dip slides are an important part of managing water soluble cutting fluids as it helps monitor bacteria & moulds within the fluids, helping keep the operator safe and prolong the sump life & performance of the fluids, also keeping in the guidelines of the HSE MW5 guidance.

Clean outs

No matter how well metal working fluids are managed and maintained we generally advise annual clean out, this is mainly due to swarf build-up within the sump, reducing the fluids volume, our Fluid Management technicians can help take the hassle out of cleaning machine sumps and keeping the lost production down to a minimum, once the technicians have finished cleaning the machine sump, the sump is then refilling at the correct concentration, removing the waste and providing the relevant waste paperwork.

Ancillary equipment

Millers Oils have a range of oil skimmers, emulsion mixers & coolant pumps.

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